The CSI Student Chapter of BVM Engineering College, Vallabh Vidhyanagar had organized a One Day Workshop on System Design using Machine Learning Techniques on 5 th January, 2019. Dr. S. D. Dhiman, TEQIP III Coordinator, BVM Engineering College had graced the occasion as the chief guest. The workshop was conducted by a Guest Lecturer Dr. Priyank B Thakkar, Associate Professor, Nirma University. The event was initiated with a small welcome to all the dignitaries, faculties and students. It was followed by a brief introduction of the Expert Lecturer Dr. Priyank B Thakkar and was welcomed by Dr N. M. Patel, CSI Student Branch Counselor, BVM Engineering College. Followed by an introduction of the chief guest Dr. S. D. Dhiman, he was welcomed by Dr. D. G. Thakore, Head of Department, Computer Branch, BVM Engineering College. A glimpse of all the different activities that were done by the Computer Department under TEQIP-III, with an aim of fulfilling the department’s vision was given by Dr. D. G. Thakore. It was followed by a short address by Dr. S. D. Dhiman. The event was then handed over to the Guest Lecturer Dr Priyank B Thakkar. The workshop started with an Introduction of Machine Learning and Deep Learning where following topics where covered:

 Different Approaches of Studying Machine Learning and Deep Learning and ways of advancing in these fields.
 What is Machine Learning?
 Flavors of Machine Learning
 Machine Learning vs. Deep Learning
 Machine Learning Techniques(Artificial Neural Network)
 Videos Regarding Machine Learning and Deep Learning

 Interview of Robot Sophia  Amazon Go
 Real Time Translation in Skype
 LipNet

 Creating Datasets

It was followed by some problem definitions along with their introductions concerning the following area:

 Natural Language Processing
 Skill Development in Alexa
 Computer Vision
 Speech Recognition
 Object Detection etc.,

The event ended with a vote of thanks by Dr. N. M. Patel. Overall it was an interesting workshop that helped students in choosing their projects and showed paths for working in the field of Artificial Intelligence.