A 10-day Certification Course on Machine Learning in Python was organized by Computer Engineering Department, BVM Engineering College in association with its CSI Student Branch from 16 st September, 2018 onwards. The event was conducted and coordinated by Prof. Mosin Hasan, Prof. Pranay Patel and Miss Khushboo Panchal, Professors at BVM Engineering College. The event was a hands-on and project-based learning program. It highlighted the topics of Data Preprocessing, Regression, Classification, Clustering and Association Rule Mining. The course also included a 1-day expert Lecture on Deep Learning by Dr. K. R. Trivedi, Professor, Shantilal Shah Bhavnagar College.

Here is the detailed summary of topics covered during each session:

 Day 1 (16 th September, 2018):
- Timing: 09:00 am to 10:30 am
- Topics covered:
 Content of Machine Learning and its Applications
 Types of Learning
 Terminologies
 Dataset Information
 Features
 Oneshort Learning

 Day 2(17 th September, 2018)
- Timing: 9:00pm to 10:30pm
- Topics covered:
 Working with Pandas Library
 Creation of Data Frame
 Pivoting data
 Data Preprocessing

 Day 3(18 th September, 2018)
- Timing: 9:00pm to 10:30pm
- Topics covered:
 Regression
 Methods to find Regression
 Introduction to Google CO Labs

 Day 4(19 th September, 2018)
- Timing: 9:00pm to 10:30pm
- Topics covered:
 Gradient Descent
 Types of Gradient Descent
 Python Programming for Application of Regression

 Day 5(20 th September, 2018)
- Timing: 9:00pm to 10:30pm
- Topics covered:
 Classification
 Binary Classification and its content
 Types of data(sound data, video data, etc.,)
 Generative and Discriminative Model
 Logistic Regression
 Decision Tree Classifier
 Programming for testing of student’s models
 Basics of Deep Learning

 Day 6(21 th September, 2018)
- Timing: 9:00pm to 01:00pm
- Topics covered:  Machine Learning in Neural Network
 Visual Cortex
 Introduction to Tensor Flow
 Quantized Graph
 CNN Layers
 Practical Application of Transfer Learning
 Creation of Flower Dataset Model by the attendants and its testing

 Day 7(22 th September, 2018)
- Timing:11:00am to 02:00pm
- Topics covered:
 Summary of all the topics covered till date
 Presentations by Students on Transfer Learning and other chief topics
 Application of the concepts on a Dataset

 Day 8(24 th September, 2018)
- Timing:9:30am to 10:30am
- Topics covered:
 Allocation of Project Topics to students and brief discussion about those projects

The sessions were practical-based with the attendants applying the concepts taught during the session there itself, with the help of the coordinators and faculty along with daily assignments and research work. Overall it provided the attendants a starting point towards the field of Machine Learning.