19 Sep
Exam Form GTU
19 Sep
MYSY Scholarship
18 Sep
Mysy Seminar Notice
14 Sep
IEP For BVM students
14 Sep
Important Notice for First Year B.Tech. Examinations
10 Sep
Remedial Viva Notice and Schedule
10 Sep
Regarding Scholarship
8 Sep
Circular for Tablet Yojana
30 Aug
Re-revised Academic Calendar 2018-19
29 Aug
28 Aug
Notice regarding students attendance
28 Aug
Seating Remedial August 2018 Exam
23 Aug
A Survey Link: To be filled by All Students of BVM Engineering College
23 Aug
M.Tech. Remedial End Sem Exam Schedule, August 2018
20 Aug
Remedial: End Sem Exam Schedules
9 Aug
Notice GTU students Midsem Exam
8 Aug
Seating Arrangement for 3rd,5th & 7th Semester B.Tech-August-2018
2 Aug
Important Notice-revised
31 Jul
1st Mid Sem Exam Schedules AY 2018-19
27 Jul
Form for Undertaking for Placement
26 Jul
Syllabus of Induction Program
25 Jul
Campus Placement Eligibility
25 Jul
Notice for Remedial Mid Sem Exam for First Year Courses
25 Jul
Schedule of Remedial Mid Sem Exam for First Year Courses
25 Jul
Notice for Exam Form for Remedial End Sem Exam
25 Jul
Notice: Saturday, the 4th August, 2018 for the full day Schedule
17 Jul
Academic calander 2018-19
17 Jul
Orientation programme for 1st Year students, AY- 2018-19
10 Jul
Verification of Names for Grade Cards
5 Jul
Remedial Mid Exam AY:2018-19
28 Jun
Circular for attending activities on Saturday
28 Jun
UFM Decision Notice Summer - 2018 Exam
27 Jun
Notice for expert lecture on 28.6.2018 from 4.00 pm to 5.00 pm
25 Jun
Notice for more than 6 backlog
25 Jun
Reassessment Notice
21 Jun
GTU Registration Detail for GTU Detain/Backlog /Regular students
21 Jun
Student Registration: AY 2018-19 (Odd Semester)
2 Jun
Academic excellence awards for the years 2015-16,2016-17 & 2017-18
10 May
Seat no. 1 to 4 Sem of GTU
8 May
2nd Sem B.Tech. Viva Summer 2018
7 May
4th Semester And 2nd Semester Seating Summer 2018 Autonomous
7 May
6th Semester Seating Summer 2018 Autonomous
5 May
Old Answer Sheet dump Notice
3 May
NPTA list of students due to Attendance
1 May
NPTA List (Based on Marks Criteria) Summer 2018 Exam
30 Apr
Fee Notice
28 Apr
Academic Calendar 2018-19
27 Apr
GTU Seating Summer 2018
25 Apr
BE Sem 1 to 4 Remedial Circular
23 Apr
Seat Number Allocation
17 Apr
Remedial Exam
12 Apr
B.Tech/M.Tech/PDDC Regular and Remedial Autonomous Exam Form
10 Apr
GTU 8th semester remedial time table
20 Feb
Internshala Trainings Young Achiever Scholarship 2k18
19 Feb
Bus & Railway Concession Notice
19 Feb
Medical Leave Form
19 Feb
Application for Railway Bus Pass
19 Feb
Application for Seal Cover
19 Feb
Application for Bonafied
19 Feb
Application For Duplicate Grade card – Autonomous Student only
19 Feb
Application For Duplicate Grade card/Transcript – SPU Pass out Student only
19 Feb
WiFi Registration Form
7 Feb
8th Sem GTU Exam Time table
1 Jan
Enrollment No. List AY 2017-18
8 Nov
Instruction regarding form filling of Scholarship
6 Nov
7 Jul
Bus & Railway Concession Notice
7 Jul
Notice for renewal of Identity Cards
7 Jul
Form for Railway Bus Pass
1 Jul
Regarding Sem. 8 Grade Card
28 Jun
Transfer from GTU to Autonomous
15 Jun
Important Notice regarding Fees Payment (Not by Cash)
15 Mar
List of Scholarships awarded in BVM