21 May
End Semester Practical-Viva Exam Schedule 2nd Sem. B.Tech. Summer 2024 Exam
15 May
27 Apr
Students College Fees & Exam Fees Regarding Important Notice
27 Apr
Revised PDDC 6th Sem, End Semester Exam Schedule Summer 2024, AY23-24
23 Mar
Notice for Details of Academic Bank of Credits ID-Aadhar ID
9 Mar
Notice for Change in Timetable for 12.03.2024
29 Jan
Important Notice Regarding Time Table
7 Dec
Notice for 13th Convocation at GTU for Students graduated during AY2022-23
6 Dec
Fees of 2nd & 4th Semester Regular & D to D,PDDC Students (GIA & UG-SFI) & 2nd Sem (PG) For the Year-2023-24)
23 Nov
Fees of 6th & 8th Semester & PDDC (GIA & UG-SFI) & 4th Sem (PG) For the Year-2023-24
20 Nov
3 Nov
Notice for Registration of Academic Bank of Credits ID
16 Oct
Remedial (for 1st/2nd sem. B.Tech.) - Special (for 1st sem. B.Tech.) Mid Sem Exam Schedules, Odd Sem AY23-24
11 Aug
Notification of selected GS & LR 2023-24
2 Aug
Notice for GS & LR Selection 2023-24
10 Jul
Review-Reassessment Notice to View Answerbooks for 8th Sem B.Tech.-PDDC (Summer 2023)
28 Jun
Authority Letter to collect Provisional Degree and Grade Cards
26 May
Hostel Fee Structure For the Year 2023-24
12 May
Fees of 3rd,5th,7th Semester (GIA & UG) & 3rd Sem (PG) For the Year-2023-24)
19 Apr
Remedial Exam Form and Fee Submission Notice for Summer 2023 Exam, AY22-23
19 Jan
College & Exam Fees For the 2nd Sem (UG-GIA,UG-SFI,PG-SFI) For the Year-2022-23
19 Jan
B.Tech GTU Enrollment Completed List, AY 2022-23 In
9 Jan
B.Tech (1st Year & D to D) GTU Enrollment Circular
4 Jan
Open Educational Resources (OER)
31 Dec
M.Tech (1st Year) GTU Enrollment Circular
20 Dec
Notice for Convocation Form for GTU Degree for AY 2021-22 Passout Students
19 Dec
Circular for FY B.Tech. AY 2022-23
10 Dec
Students College Fees & Exam Fees Regarding Important Notice
8 Dec
Fees For the 4th,6th,8th sem & 4th Sem DtoD Students (UG-GIA,UG-SFI,PG-SFI) For the Year-2022-23
16 Sep
D to D makeup class time table starting from 19/9/2022
21 Jul
Enrollment notice for B.Tech. Honours Degree
8 Jul
2nd Semester Seating Arrangement AY: 2021-22
14 Sep
NPTEL Courses mapped to the AICTE Model Curriculum
15 Jun
Important Notice regarding Fees Payment (Not by Cash)