9 Jun
Special End Sem Exam Summer 2021 Schedule and List of Students
7 Jun
2nd Mid Sem Exam Schedules, 2nd Sem AY20-21
28 May
Attention: S. Y. B. Tech. students. Open Elective preference filling for Sem.-5 registration
27 May
Important Notification for Summer 2021 Exam and 2nd Mid Exam for First Year
27 May
M.Tech. Dissertation Exam Schedule (Summer 2021)
23 May
Important Notice for Summer 2021 Exam and 2nd Semester Classes
20 May
Important Notice for 4th Sem End Sem Exam
20 May
Exam Notice 18.05.2021
20 May
Internship Registration Notice
14 May
Remedial End Semester Exam Schedules Summer 2021
12 May
End Semester Viva Exam Schedule (Summer 2021)
12 May
Special End Sem Exam Schedule Winter 2020 B.Tech. 1st Sem
6 May
End Sem Exam Schedule B.Tech. 4th Sem
5 May
NPTEL Special End Sem Exam Schedule B.Tech. (Summer 2021)
1 May
Important Circular
30 Apr
List of Students for which Exam Form is Pending for Summer 2021 Exam
29 Apr
4th Sem B.Tech. Special Mid Sem Exam Schedule
28 Apr
M. Tech. Dissertation Extension Form for 4th Semester Only
26 Apr
Circular for Internship 2020-21
20 Apr
End Semester Exam Schedules/Instructions/Format of Answersheet (Summer 2021)
19 Apr
First Year 1st Mid Sem Exam Schedules
15 Apr
Important Notice regarding Scholarship
13 Apr
Notice for End Semester Exam Form - Fee (Summer 2021 Exam)
6 Apr
2nd Mid Sem Exam Schedules, Even Sem AY20-21
6 Apr
Remedial/Special Mid Sem Exam Schedules, Even Sem AY20-21
6 Apr
1st Sem PDDC End Semester Exam Schedule (Winter 2020)
3 Apr
1 Apr
Notice for End Sem Theory Exam Review-Reassessment Winter-2020
31 Mar
Final Registration Check- B. Tech. (sem-4, 6, & 8), PDDC (sem- 4, 6, & 8) and M. Tech. (sem- 4)
22 Mar
2nd Mid Sem Exam Schedules (Even Sem, AY20-21)
15 Mar
Academic Calendar: 1st Year B.Tech. & M.Tech. AY 2020-21
10 Mar
Online Registration for F. Y. B. Tech. (sem-2) and F. Y. M. Tech. (sem-2)
9 Mar
GTU Enrollment No. verification for F. Y. B. Tech., S. Y. B. Tech.(DtoD) and F. Y. M. Tech. students
4 Mar
1st Sem B.Tech. Viva Exam Schedule Winter 2020 Exam
26 Feb
1st Semeter M.Tech Seating Winter Exam 2020
24 Feb
List of Students & Exam Schedule Special End Sem Exam Winter 2020 Exam
22 Feb
Fee Schedule for GIA and SFI Students(F.Y. B.Tech.) Even Semester AY : 2020-21
22 Feb
Offline classes for Final Year B. Tech. students from 02/03/2021
21 Feb
List of 1st Sem B.Tech. M.Tech. Students for which Exam Form is Pending for Winter 2020 Exam
20 Feb
M.Tech. 1st Sem AY20-21 End Sem Exam Schedule (Winter 2020)
14 Feb
Revised 1st Mid Sem Exam Schedule B.Tech. 4th Sem, Even Sem AY20-21
13 Feb
For 1st Sem B.Tech. Students - Important Instructions for Winter 2020 Examination
13 Feb
1st Mid Sem Exam Schedule (Old Curriculum Students) Even Sem AY20-21
12 Feb
End Sem Exam Schedule Winter 2020 B.Tech. 1st Sem, Odd Sem AY20-21
12 Feb
Answer Sheet - Graph Paper Format for Winter 2020 Exam
10 Feb
Exam Form Notice 1st Sem B.Tech. M.Tech. Winter 2020 Exam AY20-21
8 Feb
4 Feb
Important Instructions for 1st Mid Sem Exam for Even Semester AY20-21
3 Feb
NPTEL Course Credit Transfer Registration- During 4-6 Feb., 2020
2 Feb
M. Tech (F.Y.) students- GTU enrolment form submission ..Urgent and Important
2 Feb
F. Y. B. Tech. students- GTU enrolment form submission ..Urgent and Important
2 Feb
Name correction in GTU enrolment for F. Y. B. Tech/ M. Tech students
2 Feb
Answer Sheet Format for Mid Sem Exam Even Sem AY20-21
1 Feb
1st Mid Sem Exam Schedules (Even Sem, AY20-21)
29 Jan
B.Tech. 1st Sem Remedial-Special Mid Sem Exam Schedule AY20-21
29 Jan
M.Tech. 1st Sem Remedial-Special Mid Sem Exam Schedule AY20-21
18 Jan
GTU enrolment form submission for SYBTech (D2D) students
13 Jan
Important Notice for Mid Sem Exam for 1st Sem BTech and MTech Students
12 Jan
1st Sem, Mid Sem Exam Schedules AY20-21
12 Jan
Academic Calendar: AY:2020-21, 2nd 3rd 4th Year B.Tech. PDDC 2nd M.Tech
12 Jan
Answer Sheet Format for Mid Sem Exam
11 Jan
New entry (Year 2020) students details verification in ERP system
8 Jan
Registration for SYBTech students (Even sem., AY: 2020-21)
6 Jan
GS and LR selection notice for the year 2020-21
4 Jan
GTU Regular/Backlog Students Registration(A.Y. 2021, Even Semester)
2 Jan
BTech 3rd Sem Viva Schedule (Winter 2020)
2 Jan
Open Elective allotment (Supplementary list) -- TYBTech(sem-6)
31 Dec
Siemens Scholarship Program for Engineering students
30 Dec
Fee Schedule for GIA and SFI Students Even Semester AY : 2020-21
26 Dec
Important instructions for Registration - December2020
24 Dec
Registration notice for TYBTech, Final BTech, SYMTech and PDDC(all)
23 Dec
Circular for Extension of date to submit GTU Convocation Form
23 Dec
End Semester Online Viva Exam Schedules (Winter 2020)
22 Dec
Open Elective Allotment for TYBTech (Sem.-6)
21 Dec
Notice for Scholarship from ELECON 2020
21 Dec
Academic Calendar - F. Y. M.Tech. 2021 (Odd Semester)
17 Dec
F. Y. B. Tech. Registration check notice
15 Dec
Faculty Counselor for FYBTech and SYBTech(DtoD) students
15 Dec
End Semester Exam Winter 2020 Schedule 3rd Sem B.Tech.
14 Dec
Open Elective Choice Registration for T. Y. B. Tech. students
11 Dec
List of D to D (New Admission) Students for which Exam Form is Pending for Winter 2020 Exam
10 Dec
Notice for Convocation Form at GTU
9 Dec
Mid Sem Exam Schedule B.Tech. DtoD 3rd Sem, Odd Sem AY20-21
2 Dec
28 Nov
Remedial End Semester Exam Winter 2020 Schedule B.Tech., M.Tech., PDDC
27 Nov
First Year M. Tech. Classes from 03.12.2020
26 Nov
Updated List of Students those who have not filled Exam Form for Winter 2020 Exam
12 Nov
For Students - Important Instructions and Guidelines for Winter 2020 Exam
12 Nov
End Semester Exam Winter 2020 Schedules
10 Nov
Important Notice for Winter 2020 Exam
10 Nov
Re-Revised Academic Calendar for 3rd, 5th, 7th Sem B. Tech. (Including PDDC) and 3rd Sem M. Tech.
10 Nov
Academic Calendar Second Year, B.Tech. DtoD
10 Nov
Circular for F.Y. B.Tech. and DtoD students
4 Nov
Notice for Online Submission of Exam Form/Fee (Winter 2020 Exam)
3 Nov
F.Y. B.Tech./F.Y. M.Tech./ DtoD Registration and Enrollment
2 Nov
Revised Academic Calendar for 2nd, 3rd, 4th Year B. Tech. (Including PDDC) and 2nd Year M. Tech.
28 Oct
Remedial Mid Sem Exam Schedule for Not Offered Courses
28 Oct
List of NPTA students appearing in Remedial Exam for Not offered courses
28 Oct
Academic Calendar - First Year B.Tech. AY 2020-21
27 Oct
Important Notice pertaining to NPTA
27 Oct
Revised List of Old NPTA students appearing in Special-Remedial
25 Oct
2nd Mid Sem Exam Schedule 3rd Sem M.Tech. Odd Sem AY20-21
23 Oct
Special/Remedial Mid Sem Exam Schedules
23 Oct
F.Y. B.Tech. student enrollment for attending the online classes
16 Oct
GTU Passout students Notice
14 Oct
The classes of First Year B. Tech. Students will start from Monday, 19th October, 2020
10 Oct
For Students - Important Instructions for Examinations
8 Oct
Jan Andolan Campaign on COVID-19
8 Oct
2nd Mid Sem Exam Schedules Odd Sem AY-20-21
6 Oct
Change in Date of 2nd Mid Sem Exam of M.Tech. students
6 Oct
Urgent: Hostel Admission Notice
30 Sep
Final Registration Check. Odd semester AY: 2020-21
25 Sep
Notice for Grade Card Distribution
23 Sep
Notice For Answerbooks Review March 2020 Exam
21 Sep
Low Attendance Reports
17 Sep
Notice for Summer 2020 Result (BTech PDDC, 2,4,6 Sem)
14 Sep
NPTEL Courses mapped to the AICTE Model Curriculum
14 Sep
Google Forms regarding new student proposal for SSIP funding
11 Sep
Late Registration Notice
8 Sep
1st Mid Sem Exam Schedule M.Tech. 3rd Sem, Odd Sem AY20-21
8 Sep
4 Sep
Heartfulness Essay Event 2020
3 Sep
Virtual Visit on Modern Physics VVMP 2020 - IEEE BVM SB
3 Sep
Registration Notice odd Semester AY: 2020-21
2 Sep
Fee Circular
29 Aug
Re-Assessment Notice MARCH-2020
28 Aug
Regarding College and Hostel CMD
22 Aug
How to fill Quiz in Microsoft Teams
20 Aug
1st Mid Sem Exam Schedules Odd Sem AY2020-21
19 Aug
Announcement about IITBombayX courses this Semester
18 Aug
Approval of NPTEL credit transfer applications for program elective-- Odd semester, AY:2020-21
18 Aug
Circular for Provisional Certificate
18 Aug
Important Notice: "Student to change the display name in MS Teams"
18 Aug
Message from AICTE (Students to register on AICTE Internship portal for practical experience and better opportunities for placement and self employment)
18 Aug
Notice for Mid Sem Exam (Online)
12 Aug
Student Feedback for (A) Regular course (B) MOOCS (C) Remedial Course
10 Aug
Fee Schedule for GIA and SFI Students
5 Aug
Academic Calendar 2021 Odd Sem
25 Jul
NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation Council): Student Support and Progression
20 Jul
Application form for NPTEL Credit Transfer for Sem-I, 2020-21
17 Jul
Circular - Project Report / Dissertation
12 Jul
Open Elective allotment for Sem.- 7 & Sem.-5 (AY: 2020-21)
11 Jul
Student Registration Notice for Online Classes, Odd Semesters, AY 2020-21 (For Students who has not registered in Even Semester, 2019-20 due to LA, UFM, or more than six FF)
9 Jul
CIRCULAR for M.Tech Students
2 Jul
Open Elective Preference Filling Form for Sem 5 and 7
1 Jul
Notice for Orientation Programme of upcoming Semester AY: 2020-21
29 Jun
Circular for Online Classes
25 Jun
GTU: Regarding Offline Exam Option Selection
20 Jun
Important Notice for Summer 2020 Exam 4th yr B. Tech., PDDC and All PG Students
15 Jun
Notice for Summer-2020 Exam
10 Jun
GTU students Help-Line regarding SUMMER Exam-2020
4 Jun
GTU BE-8 exam notice
2 Jun
COVID-19 Disease Prevention Guidelines
30 May
Notification for Summer 2020 Examinations
28 May
GTU BACKLOG STUDENTS: Guidelines regarding BE sem 1 - 2 Recheck/Reassessment form filling
28 May
GTU Students: Guidelines regarding Summer 2020 Examination
23 May
Circular for Internship
22 May
13 May
Summer Vacation Extension Notice
21 Apr
CVM Circular No.07 dated 20-4-2020 Aarogya Setu Application
17 Apr
Important Precaution Notice for All Regarding fake Email
14 Apr
Important Notice
6 Apr
Alumni Association: COVID19 Relief Fund
1 Apr
Important Notice
25 Mar
GTU Circular to postpone all Theory and Practical Summer 2020 Examination
17 Mar
GTU summer Exam 2020 Circular and Exam Form
16 Mar
Important Notice
5 Dec
Notice for Campus Placement
3 Dec
Enrollment No : Admission Students AY 2019-20 ( UG/PG)
12 Oct
IEP For BVM students
11 Sep
Attendance Certificate for SC/ST/SEBC (Digital Guarat)
25 Jan
Circular -Old Structure FY B.Tech Students (Backlog)
4 Jan
WiFi Registration Form Revised
12 Dec
Multipurpose form for Autonomous Students
8 Oct
Bonafide Certificate
28 Sep
GTU: Term Extension
19 Sep
MYSY Scholarship
27 Jul
Form for Undertaking for Placement
25 Jul
Campus Placement Eligibility
28 Jun
Circular for attending activities on Saturday
25 Jun
Notice for more than 6 backlog
19 Feb
Bus & Railway Concession Notice
19 Feb
Medical Leave Form
19 Feb
Application for Railway Bus Pass
19 Feb
Application for Seal Cover
19 Feb
Application For Duplicate Grade card/Transcript – SPU Pass out Student only
7 Jul
Form for Railway Pass
7 Jul
Bus & Railway Concession Notice
28 Jun
Transfer from GTU to Autonomous
15 Jun
Important Notice regarding Fees Payment (Not by Cash)
15 Mar
List of Scholarships awarded in BVM