Salient Features of the Quadruped
  • All terrain exploration.
  • Exploration of Hazardous sites.
  • Has spring damping system for absorbing shock during its all-terrain movement.
  • Controlled by high torque servo motors.
  • Capable of registering geographical data (map) of the site. It creates 3D map of the site with help of LiDAR sensor (2D) and ultrasonic sensor (height).
  • Design is inspired by the mechanism of Boston Dynamics Spot mini Robot.
  • Power processing of data with very good graphics through NVIDIA Jetson Nano board.
*This robot has been selected for the Level III of this competition with a prize money of ₹ 50,000/- for qualifying Level I.

    Team Members:

  • Prof. (Dr.) Haresh Patolia (Mechanical Department)
  • Sanjay karangiya (Mechanical Passout)
  • Mulani Milan (Mechanical Passout)
  • Smit Boraniya (Mechanical Passout)
  • Mitul Sukhdiya(Mechanical Passout)
  • Meet Modi(Electronics Passout)

Design of spring damping system