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Student Start-up and Innovation Policy (SSIP)

Vision : Empowering the young population of the State to unlock their creative potential through Start-up and Innovation so as to enable them to contribute for sustainable development and inclusive growth towards the realization of Aatmanirbhar Gujarat. Developing an ecosystem that would endow students to convert challenges into potential opportunities while utilizing State’s demographic dividends
• Involving all levels of eligible beneficiaries from school, higher and technical education.
• Enabling the educational institutes to actively engage students, faculty members, and staff members in innovation and entrepreneurship related activities.
• Providing end-to-end support mechanisms in all activities related to innovation such as pre-incubation, mentoring, knowledge resource pool, cohort support, industry expertise, procurement, and IPRs.
• Creating an ecosystem for Collaboration, Co-creation, Knowledge Exchange, Social Innovation and Industry Relations.
• Encouraging grantees for collaborations through networking and infrastructure sharing for greater engagement.
• Establishing Hub and Spoke Innovation and Start-up ecosystem development for wider outreach and sustainable impact.
• Motivating innovators and Start-ups supported through the Policy to contribute towards sustainable development goals and long-term inclusive development of the State.
• Implementing an incentive-based system for innovation and Start-up for Grantees and Beneficiaries.

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IPR (Intellectual Property Rights)

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) are the rights given to persons over the creations of their minds. They usually give the creator an exclusive right over the use of his/her creation for a certain period of time.
The Union Cabinet has approved the National Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Policy that shall lay the future roadmap for IPRs in India. Under the Policy, IPR strategies for academia with a special focus, provide various incentives including financial grants to support innovators .
IPR supports provisioned under the Policy for all beneficiaries are listed in the Table below :

A State-level IP Facilitation Center (IPFC) will function at i-Hub, which will be responsible for assisting Grantees and Beneficiaries in IP related activities. i-Hub will maintain a robust IP support system for innovators and Start-ups. The necessary guidelines for IP support will be issued by the State PMU based on the recommendation of the PIC from time to time. The IP guideline of the Education Department of the State will be effectively implemented across academia under this policy.

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PoC Proof of Concept

Proof-of-Concept (PoC): Proof-of-Concept is the stage where the innovator/Start-up demonstrates a fundamental functioning of the idea/hypothesis/innovation.
Utilization of fund allocated to develop pre-incubation facilities and assist students in IP filing, developing PoCs, prototypes and other innovation related activities Formation of committees to scrutinize and evaluate PoC/Prototype and IPR proposals.

• Systematic mechanism for creating awareness, outreach, and development of infrastructure.
• Selection of proposals for PoCs/Prototype and IPR.
• Ensure grant disbursements within 45-60 days.
• Ensure the entire PoC/Prototype/IPR grant be disbursed in maximum 2-3 installments based on the progress.
• Implement and operate digital interface to create face-less and paperless mechanism for disbursement of grants.
• Strengthen mentorship programme with industrial expertise.
• Leverage other schemes and programmes at state and central level designed for Innovation and Start-up.
• Exposure and participation for flagship programmes at national and international level.
• Promote innovation and Start-ups by women, specially-abled, marginalized community and those innovators trying to address persistent challenges of the State and the Nation.
• Any dropout from school / institute / university can avail the PoC/Prototype/IPR support by registering as the Policy beneficiary at educational institution level.
• Ensure the active participation of student beneficiaries in the PoC/Prototype/IPR for which the grant has been sanctioned. 

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