Name of Laboratories


H V Lab (A128)

High Voltage Engineering 


Computational Lab (A124)

 (i) Circuits & Network

 (ii) Control Theory

(iii) Advanced Microcontrollers &  Embedded System

(iv) Advanced Power System-II


Power System  Lab (A120)

(i)   Power System Analysis and Simulation

(ii)  Advanced Power System-I

(iii) Inter Connected Power System

(iv)  Power System Protection


Measurement Lab (A117)

Electrical & Electronics Measurement


Basic Electrical Lab (A119)

(i) Elements of Elect. Engg.

(ii) Elect. Machines-I


Junior  Machine Lab (A126)

  (i)Elect. Machines-I

 (ii) Elect. Machines-II

(iii) Commissioning of Electrical Equipment


Senior  Machine Lab (A125)

 (i)  Elect.Machines-III

(ii)  Power Electronics

(iii) Power Electronics-II

(iv) Advanced Power Electronics-I

(v)  Advanced Power Electronics-II


Microprocessor Lab (A125B)

Instrumentation Lab (A115)

Drawing Hall (A224)